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Have you ever wondered why you always get sick in the winter and your spouse or friend does not? Have you ever wondered why 80+ year olds can climb mountains and run marathons while others are on walkers? Maybe you chalk it up to luck or just good genes. While genes certainly play a role in you health, genetic weaknesses can somewhat be overcome. When I started having eye trouble, it happened, basically, overnight. My vision started to be blurry and my eyes hurt. The doctors at Stanford Hospital in Ca. said that I had a genetic condition called Lebers. This was a scary diagnosis because most people go blind. However, an herbal friend of mine challenged me to “look” at it a different way. “Yes” he said, “you do have a genetic disposition to blindness. However, you was not born blind. Something must have triggered your blindness. Why do some people with this genetic disorder manifest the disease while others never know they carry the gene.” With that thought in mind, I was tested with an electodermal screening machine. It showed parasites in my eyes! After taking some homeopathic medicine to get rid of the uninvited guests, I could see better than I could 2 years ago! Do I still have a genetic weakness? Yes, and nothing can change that. However, getting rid of parasites and other pathogens helped me to overcome the genetic weakness.

So back to the question, “Can I be like those 80+ year olds, still able to climb mountains?” Or maybe “How can I be like my friends and not get sick in the winter?” There is not  a definitive answer,  but with the proper herbs, enzymes, and or homeopathic remedies, there becomes hope. Maybe you’re struggling with MS, Cancer, or Diabetes. While these are not diseases that are readily curable, there is hope for you to improve your quality of life. (Read my story if you think there is no hope.)

As an herbalist, I cannot legally tell you that I can cure, treat, or prevent any diseases. However, my hope for you is that I can help eliminate the symptoms so you can live a full and happy life. I can’t and won’t make elaborate claims that I can’t keep. I make no promise that you will feel 100% better (no one can make you that promise.) However, I would like to give you hope; hope that there is a better way of treating your conditions, hope that you can feel better… hope… Remember, as the the famous Dr. John R. Christopher said, “There are no incurable diseases, only incurable patients.” Whatever your problem, there is still hope. Give us a call today and lets start making that hope a reality.


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