Adam Fleming HHP


After graduating from Western Kentucky University with a BA degree; I decided to go back to school and get my Professional Herbalist Degree and my Holistic Health Practitioners Degree.

All my life I struggled with health issues. It was not until I found someone doing the Electrodermal Screening (Click here for more info on Electrodermal screening) that I was cured of a bacteria that had plagued me all of my life. Here is my story…

While playing football for Somerset High School I began to have leg pain. My legs gradually became weaker and weaker, until one day I collapsed on the third floor of the high school, completely paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors in Lexington, KY and as far away as John’s Hopkins could not diagnose what was causing my paralysis. I remained completely paralyzed for a little over a year. I even went to a wellness center in California, but nothing seemed to help long term. After going out to the wellness center a few times, I eventually got my movement back, practically overnight.  This was my first successful experience with holistic medicine. I knew at this point that there may be hope. However, I would go back and forth from walking to needing a  wheelchair for the next 8 years!  After a friend introduced me to electrodermal screening, I researched it extensively and found an herbalist in Tennessee that had that technology. After several hours of testing, I was told that I had a nasty bachteria that was attacking my nerves. The herbalist gave me some homeopathic remedies. Within a month, I was able to walk more than 20 miles around NYC and biked 6.5 miles around Cental Park! I was cured!

The reason this cured my walking is that it looked at the root causes of my walking problems, which no one else had been able to do. It is amazing that when you fix the root of the problem it can have lasting healing effects. Sadly, this was not the end of my health problems. About a year later, my vision started to blur and I experienced sharp pains in my eyes. The doctors at Stanford University Hospital, in California, said that I had a genetic eye condition called Lebers. This was a scary diagnosis because there is no cure, and most people go blind within six months. The doctors at Stanford Hospital told me there was no cure and no where else for me to seek help. I just needed to go home and learn to deal with it. After returning home, I was retested with the elecrodermal machine where it was discovered that I had a parasitic infection in my eyes. What I gleaned from this experience is that genetic conditions aren’t always permanent, and that the damage may be reversible. (Click here to read about genetics and healing).

These were such life changing experiences that I wanted to help other people, like myself. I created my own testing technique called Wholistic Body Support. (CLICK HERE for more information on WBS.) Wholistic Body Support was born out of a need to help others and myself. I have not rested until all my problems were cleared and continue to do so for my clients also. Through trial and error Wholistic Body Support was born. This technique helped me feel the best I can be and most if not all my clients feel the same way. Though not all my health problems were fixed I am living a life that is the healthiest I can be (thanks to Wholistic Body Support). I know that I would not be anywhere close to the health I enjoy if it were not for Wholistic Body Support. Throughout all my experiences, I learned you should never give up; never believe that there is no hope, no matter what they say is wrong with you.