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What makes Fleming Wellness Center so unique is that we use the latest technology to determine exactly what herbs will balance your body. We believe that when your body is balanced you will feel better and be a healthier you. Have you ever wondered what kind of herbs your body needs? How can you be sure they can help you? This is where an Electrodermal Screening Machine comes into the picture.


What is Electrodermal Screening?

This machine is a non invasive/painless way of testing the acupuncture points (also called meridians). No needles are used. You will hold a metal rod in one hand and the practitioner will gently press on an acupoint on the other hand with a metal wand. This will give the practitioner a reading through a computer. The practitioner can test energies of viruses, parasites, bacteria, and numerous other environmental factors. The practitioner can also test the energies of  emotions and outsitde influences that may also effect your health. Homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures, enzymes, and/or therapies are tested on the machine until a balanced reading is given. It is truly a revolutionary modern way to see exacly what herbs will bring your body back into balance. Through this testing you will know exactly what will help. This reduces the chances of human era and saves you time and money by not waisiting it on herbs or therapies that will not work for you. This truly is a holistic approach that takes into account, not just your symptoms, but the root cause of your problems.


What Makes Us Unique?

What makes Fleming Wellness Center so unique is that we are one of just a few in the state of Kentucky that does this sophistication of testing through Electrodermal Screening. Adam has created a unique testing technique called Wholistic Body Support. This way of testing can allow the practitioner to move a client through the healing process in 1 to 3 visits (Appointment are spaced out once a month.) Wholistic Body Support is a testing technique that facilitates the “Building blocks for a healthier you (client)”. The technique is broken up into four phases. The practitioner can easily explain what the client has to do and what herbs will be given at each phase. Each phase is customizable to fit the client needs and desires. This is NOT a cookie cutter program. The program is customizable to each client.

After the initial visits, follow up visits once or twice a year are recommended. Your body needs regular maintenance to keep you going, just like your car needs regular maintenance. We do our best to save you time and money by working with you to get a protocol that will fit your needs and your budget.

What also makes us unique is that we carry pharmaceutical grade herbs and homeopathic natural remedies. These are not supplements you will find at your local health food store. To preserve the integrity of these companies, they do not sell to people other than doctors or certified herbalists. These natural, harmless remedies are so powerful they are still used in mainstream medicine in Germany.



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